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15th September 14
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Scientific Enquiry


If you would like to download the 'Fizzy Drinks Pack' please click HERE.

To down load more scientific Enquiry materials click on the icons below:

Different types of science Enquiry



Published Resources Materials

Writing Prompts


Assessment in Primary Science

Click HERE to down load the Assessment in Primary Science 'HOW, What, When?' booklet.
Click HERE to down load the 'KS1 Science Levels'
Click HERE to download the 'KS2 Science Levels'

Curricular layered targets


The materials presented here may help you in setting curricular layered targets in science across the school in order to develop good progression in scientific enquiry.

Click here for layered curricular targets for planning a fair test

Click here for planning -predictions

Click here for obtaining evidence

Click here for concluding and evaluating