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22nd September 14
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Primary RE

Primary Support Materials


The following primary support materials are available to assist with your lesson planning.  

The ones in bold are available to download here.  

For any others please contact:

1. Special People 

2. Planning Primary RE Schemes of work
3. RE and the Environment 4. Teaching Buddhism
5. Teaching Judaism  6. Teaching Hinduism 
7. Teaching Islam  8. Teaching Sikhism 
9. Teaching Christianity 10. Festivals at KS1 and 2 
11. Myself at KS1 and 2  12. Using Places of Worship 
13. Multicultural Education for KS1 and 2  14. RE and Assessment 
15. RE and Literacy  16. Rites of Passage 
17. Journeys and Pilgrimage  18. Signs and Symbols 
19. Child-centred Activities for RE in Rec & KS1  20. Multicultural Matters in the Foundation Stage 
21. Discussion in RE 22. Exemplar planning for Foundation Stage 
23. Developing Skills as an RE Subject Leader  24. Anne Frank - A History for Today 
25. Spiritual Development and Stilling  26. Special Books and Sacred Texts 
27. Christmas in the Primary School  28. Easter in the Primary School 
29. Using Artefacts in Primary RE  30. Collective Worship Guidelines 
32. Prayer
33. Harvest  34. Co-ordinating RE, PSHE and Citizenship 
35. Food in RE  36. Drama in RE 
37. Persona Dolls  38 Ideas for Multicultural Weeks 
39. Rules in Religions  40. Using Religious Art in RE

List of recommended websites you may find useful within RE and Collective Worship

RE Self Evaluation Form

Click HERE to download RE Self Evaluation Form

Audit of Provision for RE, PSHE and Citizenship