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2nd October 14

KS1 and KS2

Below are the planning files for KS1 and KS2.

Below them are the Recording and Assessment files

Please use what is useful to you...

Planning files for KS1 and KS2 Certification


KS1 and KS2 Planning [blank] [Publisher]  << This one Sarah

End of KS1 and KS2 Expectations [Word]

National Schemes of Work:  + Integrated task cross-curricular links with other subjects

All KS1 and all KS2 files zipped* as single downloads below. {All available now!!}

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 All KS 1 Files, Planning and Recording

 All KS2 Files, Planning and recording

 *Zip KS1 [1/2 Mb in size]

 *Zip KS2 [2/3 Mb in size]

**Each  Unit's files shown below, Zipped into a single download on the right >>

 Units  Basic  With ..  With..   With..   With..   With..  All Zipped
 1A   ICT  D&T  Science         Zip 1A
 1B   ICT  Geography  Maths   Science      Zip 1B
 1C   ICT  Music  Science        Zip 1C
 1D   ICT  History  English  Science      Zip 1D
 1E   ICT            Zip 1E
 1F   ICT            Zip 1F
 2A   ICT  History  Science English       Zip 2A
 2B   ICT  Art/Nature  RE        Zip 2B
 2C   ICT  History  English         Zip 2C
 2D   ICT  Maths          Zip 2D
 2E   ICT  Maths  Science        Zip 2E
 3A   ICT  English  Science   D & T       Zip 3A
 3B   ICT            Zip 3B
 3C   ICT  Geography  Science        Zip 3C
 3D   ICT            Zip 3D
 3E   ICT  Geography  English        Zip 3E
 4A   ICT  D&T/English  Eng/Cit        Zip 4A
 4B   ICT  History  RE        Zip 4B
 4C   ICT  History  Geography  Maths/Num  Maths  Science  Zip 4C
 4D   ICT            Zip 4D
 4E   ICT  Maths          Zip 4E
 5A   ICT  Geography  D & T         Zip 5A
 5B   ICT  History  Maths        Zip 5B
 5C   ICT            Zip 5C
 5D   ICT  D & T          Zip 5D
 5E   ICT            Zip 5E
 5F   ICT            Zip 5F
 6A   ICT  English  Geography  History      Zip 6A
 6B   ICT            Zip 6B
 6C   ICT  D & T          Zip 6C
 6D   ICT  History  Science        Zip 6D

Recording and Assessment


Record Sheets for National Schemes of Work

Download    ICT Tracker

[On screen Tracking of ICT for whole year group. Analyses child's cabability]

 Download    ICT Tracker Help Sheet [ Zipped Word File]

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